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Fielding Tips


Philosophy on Conduct
It is the philosophy of Little League Baseball that your child's playing experience shall be positive. Thomas Jefferson Youth Baseball can not allow the enjoyment of the majority of players and families to be jeopardized by misconduct by others. Unfortunately, there may be times when disciplinary action against players, managers, coaches, parents or spectators may become necessary.

Local Rules

Local rules are encouraged by National Little League to adjust for local conditions. Local rule modifications to the National rules are approved by TJYBB. Please review the local rules appropriate for your child's playing level:

Cancellations & MakeUps Rules

Game Cancellations & Make Up Reminders

  • Contact Opposing Manager.
  • Contact Umpire (including youth unpires).
  • Contact Snack Shack Co-ordinator.
  • Contact Parents.
  • Update Field Reservation.

Field Maintenance DO'S & DON'TS


1. Dragging the Field

· Pull in the Direction of the Base Paths: NEVER drag towards a Grass Edge. If you drag to a Grass Edge, you will create a “Lipping” problem. Always stay One Foot away from the Grass when dragging the infield.

· Vary the Method: Do not always drag in the same pattern – Vary the Pattern.

· Screen Drag: Use on a Dry Field

· Spike Drag: Use on a Damp Field
    a. If your feet make impression on the field, do not take a vehicle on the wet field.
    b. Spike drag should only be used in order to “Open Up” the field to let the sun and winds dry the surface.

2. Water Removal

· Utilize “Pillows” to remove all standing water
    a. Place pillow in puddle – allow pillow to absorb water.
    b. Remove pillow and take it to a grass area – step on pillow to squeeze out the water.
    c. Repeat the procedure until standing water is removed.

· After removing Standing Water hand rake former puddle area to let Sun and Wind dry the area.

· Allow entire field to dry naturally through Sun and Wind until field is able to withstand a Spike Drag.

· Red Diamond RBI Drying Agent can be used in High Traffic Areas (around bases) to assist in drying the surface. Rule: if you need more than 4 bags to get a field ready, cancel the game!

3. Mound / Batters Box Area

· Scrape Out depressed area to properly clean out holes at Pitcher’s Mound and Batter’s Box.

· Dampen holes with water.

· Insert Hilltopper Mound Clay into depressions and tamp clay down as it is applied – fully compact the clay to fill the hole.

· Apply light dressing of infield mix over the clay area.

4. Grass Cutting

· Depending on the time of year, grass infields should be cut to a standard height twice a week.

· Outfield grass should be cut to a standard height once a week.

· Plan ahead to avoid grass cutting after rain. Cutting after rain will leave ruts and damages the outfield.

· Avoid cutting grass under 1 ½ inches in height at any time, and do not cut grass in high temperatures as burning may occur. Never cut more than 1/3 of the top growth off during any one time cutting the grass.


1. Leveling

· Rake and Fill in Low Spots at:

    a. Home Plate / Batter’s Box
    b. Pitcher’s Mound
    c. Around All Bases

· Remove and Plug all Bases.

· Clear Dirt from Around Base Plugs so that Bases lie Flat on the Field.

· Use Rakes to Smooth areas around Bases.

2. Field Conditioner

· Red Diamond CC – Conditioning Agent – should be used as Preventative Maintenance.

· Application procedure for Conditioning Agent

    a. Review weather forecast – need dry condition for 48 hours.
    b. Spread Conditioning Agent using a spreader evenly on the infield. This typically can be accomplished with 2-3 bags of conditioner.
    c. Screen drag the infield to mix product into the soil.

· Result will be that the conditioner will be imbedded in the soil – enabling the field to absorb more moisture and respond more quickly to rain conditions.


1. Do Not Sweep or Rake mud from infield across onto grass. Remove all brooms from your ball field complex and preferably break them!

2. Do Not Drive a Truck / Car on the infield after a rain.

3. Do Not leave Chalk in the Baseliner that is allowed to get damp in the rain.

4. Do Not Drag the infield from the inside (pitcher’s mound) to the outside (towards the grass). This will create a lip on your field.

5. Do Not Drag the infield without moving the bases.

6. Do Not Rake across baselines – rake the baseline lengthwise to properly drain the field.

7. Do Not Hit baseballs (soft toss) into fences anywhere in the park.

8. Do Not Dump bags of Drying Agents in anticipation of immediately playing a game. If it takes more than 4 bags to get a field ready, cancel the game!

9. Do Not allow people on the field unrestricted when games are not being played – all your hard work will be ruined!

10. Do Not Apply Clay without first cleaning out the affected area and applying water to the area.

Additional umpiring and game rules are available in the Umpiring page.

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